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Here at Reel World Slots, we want all our members and subscribers to be Gamble Aware like our very own Hairy Slotters. Follow these tips from our hairy players, care of so you can play safely.

1. Do not think of gambling as a way to make money: Retro says “I do not go to an arcade to earn my fortune. On most of our adventures, I'm lucky enough to even finish. I think of games as an entertainment expense - just like buying a ticket to the cinema "

2. Only play with money you can afford to lose: Onetec says “I'm going into a weekend session with the cash in my pocket I can drop. It does not matter if I come home with nowt ”

3. Set a money limit in advance and do not withdraw your card! Onetec says “I withdraw cash at the beginning of the session and that's it. My card will not come out with me ”

4. Set a time limit in advance and have regular breaks: Retro says “Even when filming, we set a time limit and have regular breaks. Make sure you have a "home time" alarm set on your phone.

5. I never after your losses: Onetec says “You have all seen that I love a good pie game and they do not always come off! Remember it's a little fun, do not chase after the win you lost! ”

6. Do not play when you are depressed or upset: Onetec says “If you're not having fun, you should not play. If you are depressed, talk to someone, gambling is never the answer ”

7. Do not drink or use drugs while playing Retro says "Drugs and alcohol judge clouds, and good judgment stands as your main line of defense against letting games get out of control." The Hairy Slotters are big proponents of This site helps you exclude yourself from all online gaming sites. Remember - Stay safe, have fun and be aware of games.

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